Commercials & Residential

  • Preferred  supplier for University Of Auckland
  • Resene EcoDecorator approved member
  • Service supplier of Marina view school
  • Member of HazardCo
  • Sustainable work practice code
  • Hazard identity and Hazard management plans
  • Identifying the contract’s particulars (site inspection, timeline plan and security/site constraints).
  • A waste management plan (controlling, disposing and recycling waste)
  • Employed experienced competent painters
  • Training and induction programmes
  • Site specific team plans
  • Insured  $5 Million Public Liability Insurance
  • Decorative, protective and engineered coating system
  • Project Specification

Painting & Decorating


Rainbow Brush Limited (RBL) provides painting and decorating services of the highest quality to clients throughout the Auckland region. With over 17 years experience in all aspects of decorating, RBL has built up a wide-ranging client base of both residential and commercial customers.

RBL is a preferred supplier for carrying out painting projects at the University of Auckland. During the past ten years, RBL has completed a number of jobs for architects and project managers. RBL is also preferred painting company for Tor Builders Ltd, K&M Builders, Ray Nithie Builders,   RBL has been awarded the status of EcoDecorator by paint and finishing suppliers Resene. This puts RBL in an exclusive group of painters and decorators. By taking part in the programme, RBL has been put in touch with many clients and has further expanded its client base. RBL has a team of experienced members with high levels of competency and capability. Afshin Taheri is managing director of Rainbow Brush Ltd and has B.Sc majoring in Industrial Management from AT University in Tehran, Iran, and a Masters degree in management studies from Massey University in New Zealand. RBL is insured up to $5 million for public liability insurance and more than $2 million for business vehicle insurance with State Insurance. As a well established company, RBL adheres to all rules and regulations as set out by the Department of Labour. The company also adopts sustainable business plans when it comes to disposing of paint and chemicals.

RBL since year 2000 gathered a wide range of developers, architects, construction companies, builders and residential customers such as:

  • Amstar construction
  • Ben Weltshire (Architect)
  • Body Corp Administration
  • Dan Young Builder
  • Donovan Builders
  • Downes Builder
  • Jalcon Homes
  • Mark Kirby (Jalcon PM)
  • John Seward Builder
  • Kiko construction
  • Winstone Properties (Developer)
  • Kitchen Studio
  • K&G Builders
  • Leakscan,
  • Marina view school (As Preferred Supplier for School)
  • Nielsen Builders
  • Peter Alambert (Builder)
  • Siena Builders
  • Salamander Builders
  • Toney Buckland (Architect)
  • Tor Builders

Rainbow Brush 2002


In 2002 Rainbow Brush did its first Job in University of Auckland in Old Choral Hall and later became a preferred supplier for minor capital works.  Since 2002 Rainbow Brush carried out more than 243 small and large painting projects in University of Auckland, Including:

  • 198  Offices
  • 49 corridors, passage ways and stairwells
  • 38 seminar rooms and other study areas
  • 36 toilets, showers and service rooms
  • 7 Lecturer theatre and tutorial rooms
  • 2 Libraries
  • 4 main student study centres
  • 16 lobbies and entrance halls
  • 8 reception area
  • 12 staff common rooms
  • 10 Laboratories
  • 7 Studios
  • 9 student work shops
  • 5 work shop floors
  • 8 work out area and squash courts in Gym
  • 1 child care  and 1 Marae
  • 7 exterior painting buildings

Buildings as follow:  City and Grafton campus : B102, B103, B104, B105, B106, B110, B114, B201, B206, B207, B212, B214, B215, B216, B219, B220, B226, B240, B246, B250, B253, B301, B303, B311, B313, B314, B315, B401, B403, B404, B409, B416, B421, B422, B431, B432, B433, B435, B438, B501, B504, B505, B599, B620, B801, B803, B804, B810, B819, B820,  Epsom Campus, 6EM, 6EL, 6EC, 6ET, 6EA, 6EF, 6ET, 6ER, 6EN,6EB, 6ED, 6EH, Te Puna, Marae

And also former leased building by university such as 50 Anzac Avenue,  76 Symond Street, Takapuna campus and  Acon Building in Grafton.


PO Box 34182 ,Birkenhead  ,Auckland 0746
Phone: 027 438 1495