Afshin Taheri (Founder of Rainbow Brush Ltd) arrived in New Zealand in 1998. With having a BSc majoring Industrial Management; He worked (back in Iran) for a state owned company as a project manager/ industrial planner. In New Zealand, Afshin enrolled in AUT (AIT at that time) for improving his (not so good) English in 1999; and almost in same time he came across with bunch of rugged builders in North Shore whom gave him an opportunity to work for their paintersBuilders told Afshin that Kiwi birds lay only one egg per season so everything in  New Zealand is about quality as opposed to quantity.They also said “lose that massive moustache mate”.It was the best lesson; So by concentrating on quality and losing the moustache, Afshin’s painting business started to boom.

Soon Afshin


Soon Afshin moved from Sole-Trade to registered painting company and gathered a wide range of developers, architects, construction companies, builders and residential customers such as:

  • Amstar construction
  • Ben Weltshire (Architect)
  • Body Corp Administration
  • Dan Young Builder
  • Donovan Builders
  • Downes Builder
  • Jalcon Homes
  • Mark Kirby (Jalcon PM)
  • John Seward Builder
  • Kiko construction
  • Winstone Properties (Developer)
  • Kitchen Studio
  • K&G Builders
  • Leakscan,
  • Marina view school (As Preferred Supplier for School)
  • Nielsen Builders
  • Peter Alambert (Builder)
  • Siena Builders
  • Salamander Builders
  • Toney Buckland (Architect)
  • Tor Builders
  • Winstone Properties (Developer)

Rainbow Brush Ltd also became a member of Resene approved (painters) Tender list.


In 2002 Rainbow Brush did its first Job in University of Auckland in Old Choral Hall and later became a preferred supplier for minor capital works.  Since 2002 Rainbow Brush carried out more than 243 small and large painting projects in University of Auckland, Including: 198  Offices ,49 corridors, passage ways and stairwells,38 seminar rooms and other study areas.36 toilets, showers and service rooms,7 Lecturer theatre and tutorial rooms,2 Libraries,4 main student study centres,16 lobbies and entrance halls,8 reception area,12 staff common rooms,10 Laboratories,7 Studios,9 student work shops,5 work shop floors,8 work out area and squash courts in Gym,1 child care  and 1 Marae,7 exterior painting buildings Buildings as follow:  City and Grafton campus : B102, B103, B104, B105, B106, B110, B114, B201, B206, B207, B212, B214, B215, B216, B219, B220, B226, B240, B246, B250, B253, B301, B303, B311, B313, B314, B315, B401, B403, B404, B409, B416, B421, B422, B431, B432, B433, B435, B438, B501, B504, B505, B599, B620, B801, B803, B804, B810, B819, B820,  Epsom Campus, 6EM, 6EL, 6EC, 6ET, 6EA, 6EF, 6ET, 6ER, 6EN,6EB, 6ED, 6EH, Te Puna, Marae

And also former leased building by university such as 50 Anzac Avenue,  76 Symond Street, Takapuna campus and  Acon Building in Grafton.

During last 12 Years we have been honoured to work for architects, project, building and facility managers in UOA, including:


Mr Bajallan, Saad

Mr Ballard, Martin

Mr Barzin Arash

Mr Buller, Chester

Mr Buller, Neil

Ms Burchell, Catherine

Ms Chambers, Wendy

Mr Collinson Ross

Ms Cooke, Ann

Mr Cuttin, Peter

Mr Dixon, Raymond

Ms Ellis, Kim

Ms Grifen, Helen

Ms Headford, Christine

Mr Hudjson, Andrew

Mr Ahsan Kamal

Mr Koosache, Bob

Mr Lupton, Blake

Mr Molloy, Phil

Mr Myers, David

Ms Nansen, Natasha

Ms Pitts, Joe

Ms Risino, Sophia

Mr Saw, Stanley

Ms Thessien, Rebecca

Mr Walker, Carwyn

Ms Waters Virginia

Ms Young, Carole

And also for other contractors (builders) in UOA such as:

Mr Denz, Mike

Mr Neithie, Raymond

Mr Walker, Keith

Our Work


Working in UoA


Working in UoA triggered a nostalgic feeling for studying in Afshin; therefore he enrolled and graduated from Massey University for his Master of Management with International Business Endorsement in 2010. This Helped Rainbow Brush to operate more efficiently and therefore provide better services for its clients.

Today Rainbow Brush employed more than 9 Painters in full time/ part time basis (and more in casual basis).



PO Box 34182 ,Birkenhead  ,Auckland 0746
Phone: 027 438 1495